Custom Card Boxes for All Occasions
Custom Card Boxes for All Occasions

About Me

Being able to tap into my creative side while creating breath taking time pieces is truly fulfilling.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Karen and this is me and how I found my love…
I have always loved creating and making things, even as a little girl.
It was not until my wedding that I found what makes me feel accomplished. I created my very own custom box and it was just stunning. I still have it today with some of my most cherished items from that special day tucked away inside.
I then had the urge to create more styles and before I knew it, friends were asking me to customize their special boxes.
A flood of inspiration opened the world of creation by not only limiting my creations to weddings, but to all celebrations worthy of receiving cards for gifts.
I have discovered that creating one of a kind pieces is what I thrive most on. I want my pieces to reflect creativity that can shine for you as a person and what you stand for and believe is in your heart.
When I am not busy creating timeless pieces, I am a very busy mother of 2 beautiful boys, and 2 fur babies, thank goodness for my husband and biggest supporter. God bless him!
As a family we are busy, we always make time to have with one another. Until I fall down of course…LOL!

Well this is me!
Let me create yours today!

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