Custom Card Boxes for All Occasions
Custom Card Boxes for All Occasions

Where is the best spot for your card box?

Your wedding day is the most wonderful day, where everything just has to be just perfect!! From the fresh-pressed linens, to the flowers in the centerpieces; those little details go a long way to making it all come together.


Many people love the idea of a beautiful card box, but where do you put it? On a separate table with the guest book, do you put it on the gift table, or does it go with the desserts?

The good old days of family and friends showering you with gifts is not always how it’s done today. The truth of the matter is couples nowadays already live together before they are married, or at least have everything required to do so, so they don’t need any more small appliances or household items. Money is typically the best gift for a newlywed couple, because they can use the cash for a down payment on their first house, a more expensive item on their wish list than would be appropriate for a gift-registry, or even to pay for the honeymoon. It might seem like an impersonal gift, but rest assured they will put it to good use!


It’s technically a personal preference on where you choose to place your card box, but you want to make sure it is getting the attention it deserves, and that it serves its intended purpose.

For most, that is to collect as many cards as possible in one beautiful place. If you are displaying the box to look like a cake, then it goes on the dessert table. If it is to collect the gifts (cards), then it is best put on the gift table.

My personal preference is on the table with the guest book.

Having your guestbook on that same table allows for your guests to find all they need in one place, so they can sign the guest book, put their card in the box, and move on to the party!

It is a celebration after all!


Once you bring it home, you can cherish that day by using it to store special items from that special milestone forever!

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